Song of the Cloud

Song of the Cloud


Song of the Cloud

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Author: Ho Rang
Artist: Ho Rang
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Romance School Life Slice of Life Tragedy
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These people have been living unhappy lives because they've never been able to do what they want. Ga Yeon's smart, but wants to become a singer. However, the Korean educational system strongly enforces studying to students without considering the goals and dreams of the student. She's been forced to live a life of suppression. Jae Hee is a piano player, but he's been living in constant delusion of his life. He has mental problems and cannot distinguish reality from a dream. Dong Woo and Min Seo are a couple who are talented musicians but cannot make music they wish to make because of the current situation of the Korean music industry. Hyuk's a very good guitar player, but is forced to be in an idol band, rather than what he really wants to be. The 5 come together to make a band of their own.
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