Five Star Monogatari

Five Star Monogatari


Five Star Monogatari

Alternate Name: Five Star Monogatari Reboot, The Five Star Stories, The Five Star Stories Reboot
Year of Release: 1986
Status: Completed
Author: NAGANO Mamoru
Artist: NAGANO Mamoru
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mature Mecha Romance Sci-Fi
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From Anime News Network: Several thousands of years from now, there exists the Joker Galaxy of five Star Systems, where a long, long war is being fought. The god of light, Amaterasu, is trying to unite the galaxy under his rule. The fighting stands between giant mecha called Mortar Headds, their pilots, the Headdliners, trained since birth for their task, and the female humanlike computers called Fatimas, necessary for controlling the MH. Many are the lives and destinies found throughout the more than thousand year long era of war, although Amaterasu seems to live through it all. Note: To honor its 25th anniversary, the series was reprinted under Five Star Monogatari Reboot (The Five Star Stories Reboot) with a final and 13th volume.