Family Compo

Family Compo


Family Compo

Alternate Name: F. Compo
Year of Release: 1996-2000
Status: Ongoing
Author: Tsukasa, Hojo (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Romance Slice of Life
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Masahiko Yanagiba lost both parents and, following his mother`s will, moved to his maternal uncle`s family, the Wakanaes. Although Wakanaes` hospitality was heartwarming, he soon found out why his other relatives shun away from the Wakanaes: his uncle is a woman while his aunt is just the opposite. Turns out the couple took the appearance of the opposite gender, and now Masahiko has no idea whether his cute cousin, Shion Wakanae, is either a boy or a girl. (taken from ANN)
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