Diamond Life

Diamond Life


Diamond Life

Alternate Name: Love Money Baby
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: FUJIWARA Akira
Artist: FUJIWARA Akira
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Romance Slice of Life
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Kanae dropped out of high school, because her father is a gambler while her mother ran away with her boyfriend. Kanae is twenty-two years old, and very poor working for a cleaning shop. She comes to have something to do with Haruki Oda quite by chance. Haruki is an IT millionaire and called "money-mad man," or "the god of death." Then Kanae's life makes a sudden development. Money cannot be made by love alone, though love cannot be bought with money. People of today want to have both love and money. This get-happy-story is a must read for the present-day people.
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