Crystal Dragon

Crystal Dragon


Crystal Dragon

Alternate Name: Kurisutaru Doragon
Year of Release: 1981
Status: Ongoing
Author: Ashibe, Yuho (Story)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Adventure Drama Fantasy Shoujo
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Alian is a young girl from an island called Ailen and she is different from all the other kids her age. All the others in the tribe have blond hair while Alian is the only one with black hair and because of this she was bullied many times. One day a traveler in silver clothing came to Ailen and “name” Alian. To be name is very important because it reveals one true self. After that the Master Drisu takes Alian in as his disciple because she was “name” by the stranger. Bara is the evil leader of Death Valley and one night he murdered all the people in Alian’s tribe, and she swears to get vengeance on Bara. (Source: Esthétique)
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