Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Monogatari

Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Monogatari


Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Monogatari

Alternate Name: Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi Monogatari, Cosertell no Ryuujutsushi Monogatari, Koseruteru no Ryuujutushi Monogatari
Year of Release: 2001
Status: Completed
Author: ISURUGI Ayuma
Artist: ISURUGI Ayuma
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Josei Slice of Life
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Corseltel is a fantasy land where dragons and humans live together in harmony. Dragon Sorcerers, in return for borrowing power from the dragons to use magical spells, must take care of the dragon offspring. Mashel, said to be one of the best Dragon Sorcerers in all Corseltel, is able to use all 7 dragon types meaning that he must take care of 7 different dragon children. The dragon children, each representing the types (dark, light, fire, water, wind, earth, life) learn to harness their power through Mashel and also look up to him as a parent. The cuteness of the dragon kids and the life lessons they learn will capture many readers.
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