Blue Dragon Ral Grado

Blue Dragon Ral Grado


Blue Dragon Ral Grado

Alternate Name: ??????? ??????, Blue Dragon, Ral Grad, Ral?Grado, Blue Dragon: Ral ? Grado, Ral Grado
Year of Release: 2006-2007
Status: Completed
Author: Obata, Takeshi (Art), Takano, Tsuneo (Story)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Adventure Ecchi Fantasy Shounen
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In “Blue Dragon”, “shadows” can fuse with their "hosts". This is the history of the teenager, Ral, and his "shadow", the Blue Dragon "Grado", that his father, a king, imprisoned together in the dungeon of the castle when Ral was a young baby. One day, when the "shadows" besieges the castle, his personal educator, Mio, releases him to protect the castle and repel the “shadows”. (Source: M-U)