Blend S

Blend S


Blend S

Alternate Name:
Year of Release: 2014
Status: Completed
Author: Nakayama Miyuki
Artist: Nakayama Miyuki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Comedy Seinen Slice of Life
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At a certain cafe, there are many different people with unique attributes such as tsundere, little sister, etc. The new part time worker Maika has been asked by the shop owner to fill the role of super sadist?! Now, while doing her best to work hard, she also blossoms as a super sadist... Stomping as way to victory, this is a perverted working comedy!
Chapter Name
10/06/2017Blend S 1 :
10/06/2017Blend S 2 :
10/06/2017Blend S 3 :
10/06/2017Blend S 4 :
10/17/2017Blend S 5 :
10/17/2017Blend S 6 :
10/17/2017Blend S 7 :
10/17/2017Blend S 8 :
10/23/2017Blend S 9 :
10/23/2017Blend S 10 :
12/15/2017Blend S 11 :
12/15/2017Blend S 12 :
12/15/2017Blend S 13 :
12/15/2017Blend S 14 :
05/30/2018Blend S 15 :
05/30/2018Blend S 17 :