Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden

Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden


Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden

Alternate Name: Morning Star
Year of Release: 2009
Status: Completed
Author: AMANO Youichi
Artist: AMANO Youichi
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Shounen
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Based on the Chinese novel Shui Hu Zhuan, this series is about the trials and tribulations of a band of outlaws during the mid Song dynasty. It is 1112, China is in turmoil with the present Song dynasty's government and its inability to control its own provincial officials from preying on their people. However, tales of a band of outlaws punishing these abusive officers called "Taiten Gyoudou" is spreading. Their deeds are giving people hope. It begins with an encounter between Suiren, a young village girl believing in the bandits, and "Falling Star" Tai Sou, a traveling swordsman whose skill precedes him.
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