Ai Hime Ai To Himegoto

Ai Hime Ai To Himegoto


Ai Hime Ai To Himegoto

Alternate Name: Ai?Hime ~Love and Secret~, Ai Hime - Ai to Himegoto, Ai Hime Ai to Himegoto
Year of Release: 2006
Status: Completed
Author: Mitsuki Kako
Artist: Mitsuki Kako
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Drama Romance Shoujo
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On a day of blossoming sakura, Mao, by chance encounters a handsome sleeping man. Once awakened, he unexpectedly gives Mao a kiss. Yet, as fate would have it, it turns out that the mysterious stranger is actually her uncle - though not by blood.
He is the chosen caretaker that Mao will be living with during the school year. But how will Mao handle her blossoming feelings for her "uncle" while living with him? Will either one of them be able to cast aside social conventions to be together?